If a breaker trips, you want to minimize the amount of your electrical system that is taken offline. A coordination study of your electrical distribution system will help to mitigate outage risks.
A coordination study analyzes the overcurrent protection devices in the electrical system to ensure that the device closest to the fault trips to clear the fault. This minimizes and localizes the effect of a fault and ensures that the rest of your electrical distribution system remains online. We develop and analyze time-current curves for your facility. These time-current curves compare upstream and downstream devices and their tripping characteristics to allow us to recommend device setting adjustments to the circuit breakers in your system. We can help ensure that a fault in a 100A panelboard does not trip your main service breaker, leaving your entire facility without power.
Mis-Coordinated Devices
Time Current Curve Mis-coordinated Devices
Coordinated Devices
Time Current Curve Coordinated Devices