This LEED Gold campus incorporates 750,000 sq. ft. of office space in a 32 story high rise and a 275,000 sq. ft., 18 story Ritz-Carlton hotel.


Project Location: Charlotte, NC

Project Role: Engineering, Design & Virtual Coordination

Project Highlights

  •  32 story high-rise office tower with ground floor retail and restaurants.
  •  18 story Ritz-Carlton Hotel, the first LEED Gold hotel in Charlotte.
  •  12.5MW generator plant designed and built on top of a renovated 10 story parking garage can support a multi-block campus including the 60 story Corporate Center.
  •  The main electrical vault resides within the footprint of the building, located on top of a water storage tank in the center of a sub-level parking garage.
  •  A suspended concrete-encased electrical duct bank brings power into the facility.
  •  Grounding and lightning protection were difficult due to the existing soil type. We specified backfill for proper resistivity along with grounding details.
  •  A 2.5MW life safety generator was located under the footprint of the building in the sub-level parking garage. Air intake and exhaust were challenging due to the limited space.
  •  3D coordination was used during design to both design and coordinate electrical systems at the same time.
  •  Eye scanning security system was designed to allow for quick, secured access to the facility.
  •  Plug-n-Play branch power distribution for all office space.
  •  Energy efficient lighting design with state of the art controls and daylight harvesting.
  •  Critical UPS distribution throughout the high rise.